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1. Product’s business plan

In order to achieve own product’s business plan, based on the manager’s directions, to promote own products and achieve business plan in terms of units, sales turnover and profit.

2. Product marketing analysis and its field marketing activities

In order to promote own products, based on the manager’s directions, to analyze and make a feedback on the subjects in view of users/products/channel/ price. With consultation of the manager’s , to take actions as countermeasures.

3. A new product launch preparation

In order to promote products and achieve own products budget, based on the product plan, to prepare/coordinate sales tools and LPM 1 & 2, and MRM. To propose a positioning and manage QCD of the product.

4. Sales promotion

In order to achieve business plan, to make a product sales promotion’s program, with consultation of the manager, to implement and follow up the program

5. Product marketing administrative work

In order to make a pro-active marketing work, ensure updating products/price information, maintenance of the price master and other DB, proposing sales forecast for PSI, handling fade-in/out machine/optional items management,

6. Support manager for making and managing BP and expense budget plan

In order to achieve whole company business plan (BP), consolidate BP of whole Printer SBU products and expense budget and manage progress with consultation of the manager.


1.Bachelor of Business, with Basic communication skill

2.At least 2 years of marketing & sales field experiences

3.Excellent skill in Microsoft office especially excel and Powerpoint,

4.Good English /Chinese capabilities in listening, spoken, reading and written

5.Systematic and well-organized

6.Logical analysis and sensitive in figures

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